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It's a Merit!

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

I am delighted to announce that I have recently been awarded a Master's in Translation (with Merit). I wrote about the result in the previous blog post. Now to discuss the result and a bit more about my future plans.

I was awarded a Distinction in Translation Theory as well as two merits in Translation Practice and my Extended Translation and Commentary. At times, getting this result was not easy. It required a great deal of dedication to get this result, juggling it around building up a freelance business as well as with trying to save as much money as possible to buy a house. I even took my study materials with me to Colombia several years ago where I had gone to study Spanish.

My thesis was an extended translation and commentary of 15 000 words. Translation of a Spanish popular nutrition text into English and commentary. Jamón Ibérico or Iberian Ham? Domestication vs Foreignisation strategies in the translation of a popular nutritional guide: the case of Come Comida Real. I chose this topic because I am passionate about food, culture and health. It presented many challenges of a cultural nature, such as how to translate the ham that Spaniards eat? Ham, Jamón or Spanish ham? Some nervous moments happened just before submission as I was doing the translation during the busy Christmas period. However, it was all worth it in the end and I managed to submit the project a day early.

So the results have sunk in, even though the official paperwork will take about 6-8 weeks to thud onto the doormat of my house in Scotland. So what is next? Well, the first step has been upgrading my membership of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) to that of Affiliate.

I have been a very keen student member over the last two years, enjoying professional development they offer such as their Starting Work as a Translator or Interpreter course which I attended at the University of Westminster in 2019. I am also a huge fan of their magazine which is sent out regularly to members!

Now that I am a graduate, I am very excited to reach the next rung of the ladder which is Affiliate membership. The reason I have applied for this is to show my dedication to my career for future employers. The ITI places a huge value on CPD which is very important to demonstrate that your fingers are on the pulse in terms of new trends.

I am now very keen to find as much work as I can, particularly in the medical and health area. This will not be easy, but I can only try! As I am trying to cut back on teaching in order to concentrate more in translation and editing, I will have more time to watch the directory of webinars that the ITI offers to its members. Yet another benefit of membership!

Onwards and upwards! I am looking forward to meeting many more supportive colleagues on this new adventure. I love to seize as many challenges as possible in my life.

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