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Why did it take me so long ?

Why did it take me so long to create a website? I have been in the language industry working with people from all over the globe since 2009, when I worked at the coalface in northern China. Quite literally as an industrial city. For the first nine years, I worked for other people and had never really considered becoming freelance. For that reason I ground away, without an online presence or brand. Which was perhaps a mistake but sometimes you have to know when it is the right time to do something.

In 2018, after a major life reboot I went self-employed. This was a big move for me, as I went from working with hundreds of people to sitting at a desk alone with a cup of coffee wondering if the move I had made was the right one. Self-employment was not a family pathway (I am the first) and it was not a lifestyle I had ever considered before. Now I wish that I had considered it years early. However, I don't think I would have been ready for the isolation that being a freelance linguist brings.

Hang on. This isn't a blog about the pros and cons of self-employment. Too many people have written about that! That's rather boring. Instead, this is about why did I not get a website for several years after going freelance? The question is I was too busy getting work and making money even to consider it. At the start of self-employment you are simply too busy getting everything set up. Then when the money starts to flow in you are so obsessed with doing a good job that you don't stop to think about branding!

So, about 6 months ago I chose a name. Profluentia. I really liked its unique strong sound. It combines my interests in language fluency. Albeit of the spoken or written word. And once I had the name, creating the website just flowed naturally. I have found this project really interesting and fun. I hope that you enjoy looking around my online world. And I would be delighted if you chose to make use of my services. I am available to talk any time.

Sarah x

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