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After many years of learning foreign languages and time spent exploring other cultures I completed a professional qualification and began translating the written word.

I translate texts from French, Spanish and Italian into English. 

I have recently completed a Masters Degree in Translation at the Open University, UK, part time whilst working on my freelance business. 

I am interested in all areas of translation, with a particular interest in health and nutrition translation as well as education. 

My MA extended project was a translation and commentary of a leading Spanish popular nutrition work.  


I have been preparing students of all backgrounds in the English language since 2009.  My specialism is business English teaching to companies. I have many wonderful teaching memories ranging from an early period teaching rooms of Chinese and North Koreans in a northern Chinese city where no one spoke English. Fully online since 2018, I use a range of platforms such as MS Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. I have also prepared students for many years to do Cambridge ESOL, IELTS and TOEFL exams. Please get in touch for a no obligation quote. 


I have been editing texts since 2006. I started out during my undergraduate studies in English Literature. During my work around the world, I picked up bits and pieces of editing from my clients. I have had clients ranging from students to commercial organisations in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. I deal with all kinds of subjects and texts. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today :-) 


I have been interested in proofreading for many years. More recently I have completed a course in Proofreading and Editing at the College of Media and Publishing, UK. I am ready to take on work in any subject with clients from around the world. Previous clients (please see my testimonial page) have praised my quick turnaround time, accuracy and value for money. 

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